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Dovee Manufacturing Inc.
640 Church Road
Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: 847.437.8122
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Mr. and Mrs. John C Malina

In September of 1944 with a priority number from the U.S. Air Force for equipment, John C. Malina started Dovee Mfg. Co. He was subcontracted to manufacture brass components for radar installations.

At the end of the war the company continued specializing in tool and die and added punch presses to enter the stamping business. In 1961 the founder died and the business was continued by his widow, Dorothy L. Malina. By 1963 both of their sons were involved. With a continuing dedication to our customer needs and specifications the third generation entered the business in 1993.

Originating in Chicago, the company is now located in Elk Grove Village,IL.